Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Julie Hoyt-Fisk Jacks On

Rumor has it (because somebody emailed it to me) that your beloved Julie Fisk is now doing work on the face-less, DJ-less and soul-less Jack FM.

When we last saw Julie, she had just been dumped from (or left on her own accord) the Morning Mix on Mix 102.9 in Dallas, and YOU were outraged (based on the spike in this site's traffic and the tone of your posts).

She was no where to be found for much of a year, but now we're hearing that the voice that goes by Julie on Jack FM (presumably the Jack in the Dallas area) is YOUR Julie - the same Julie everybody was outraged about when she was fired (or quit).

Is it true? You'll have to listen to the horrible station and see for yourself, as the trying-to-be-too-cool-for-school-Dallas-Jack website doesn't give their non-DJ's of even mentioning their names.

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