Monday, October 09, 2006

Maria in San Antonio?

Valerie just wrote me 4 hours ago, and I'm happy to hear the following from her regarding Maria Todd - formerly of Houston's Atom and Maria show on 104 KRBE:

Hello from San Antonio...
A tip for ya...Maria has been hired by 96.1 in San Antonio to co-host Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show. Happy to have her...I moved to SA 4 years ago and miss her great banter and
sense of humor. She'll be a breath of fresh air around here...Welcome Maria!!!

If you're in the area, please listen to Mix 96.1 and let me know if this is true (not that I don't believe valerie - just looking for a 2nd source, ya'll).


Anonymous said...

Yes it's true.. although she is very quiet and goes by the name of Maria.. not Maria Todd.

Anonymous said...

she's nowher on their website ...yet

Anonymous said...

i went on website and did not find maria todd