Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Off the Air and Over the Fence

Most DJs get fired in this business and have to go live with their moms, or sleep on their buddy's coach for a while, or try to get some gigs at some lame ass weddings until they get another real DJing gig.

But not Abel QuiƱonez, the host from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Tucson Arizona's La Caliente - or KCMT - at 102.1 on your FM dial. That poor guy not only is off the air, but he also got arrested and kicked out of the United States!

Abel QuiƱonez, also known as Jose Abel Castro Lopez, was reportedly applying for his green card and is married to a woman who is a legal US citizen. Further, his Visa just expired in January, and he's been working for KCMT since 2002 and living in the US since 1995.

The popular disc jockey doubled as program director at the station where he DJ'd, which - by the way - is Tucson's most popular Spanish-language radio station.

WTF? Anybody got any answers as to why we are wasting our time and money chasing someone who is positively contributing to our society out of the country?

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