Monday, November 20, 2006

DJs Check In

DJs check in, and this one actually checks out (he emailed me from a clear channel email address)

Just got this email a few hours ago from a young lad we reported was off the air back in January of 2006, and I thought I should update the site just in case the suicide joke was a little cry for help:
Honored to be mentioned on the website...I am on W4 Country in the 3-7 slot. If you care to update it. If not I promise not to hang myself.

Adam Rey

Yes, you can now hear Adam Rey on W4 on your FM dial.

It took me like 5 minutes of surfing around the W4 website to realize that the station is actually heard at 102.9 on the FM dial, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Well, good luck A-Rey, and keep your chin up... W4 looks like a good station.

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