Thursday, April 12, 2007

Don Imus off the Air - Totally

Finally. It happened today. No more speculation.

A story big enough to make me come out of my semi-retirement and post an article on DJ Moves.

Not much left to be said, but it was interesting to see how MSNBC fired Imus, then proceeded to cover the story during the time his show would have aired with David Gregory as 'host' to discuss the controversy. Gregory was a regular on the Imus show, and had even filled in for him before - Is this unbiased coverage? Is this outrage, or was MSNBC trying to have their cake and eat it, too, whatever that means.

Interesting that instead of saying "Imus stated a sexist, racist remark," most media outlets repeatedly and repeatedly repeated the phrase, "nappy-headed hos". It's like when the TV news is outraged by some video of spring breakers dancing in bikinis on the beach, and they want you to be outraged, too, so they show you the college kids again and again and again.

Finally. My wife now knows 'Imus' as more than that boring old guy that I listened to in the morning for the past 13 years.