Sunday, May 27, 2007

K-Rock. Free FM. K-Rock Again

Talk is dead and rock lives at one of America's original rock stations.

92.3 FM in New York City has dropped its 24-hour talk format and reverted back to it's rock and roll roots.

The station is also switching its call letters back from WFNY to WXRK, which it had used for many, many years before switching to all-talk and billing itself as FREE FM.

Still talking on the station, for now, are Opie & Anthony in the mornings. After that, it's back to rock and the less expensive daily DJs - the kind that are less costly than "radio personalities".

Getting fired in the switch are:
Nick Di Paolo
Radio Chick Leslie Gold (who sounded great with David Gregory in the Imus slot last week)
Ron and Fez
And, as previously reported, JV and Elvis and their house of dogs.

Mueller Over Milwaukee

Gene Mueller of Milwaukee's Reitman & Mueller morning show on WKTI 94.5 has moved to AM to co-host mornings with John Jagler on WTMJ News Radio 620.

Mueller has been on the air in the same town for 25 years.

Did someone say Milwaukee?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Athena The Queena

Someone named Janet in Fresno, California, just sent DJMoves and email with the following observation:


Athena [who DJ Moves mentioned in March 2006] seems to have vanished from the web page of Big Country 102.7 in
Fresno CA. This woman made the station . Without her they are nothing.
What happened?

Number One Fan of Athena

Well, Number One, we'll keep our ears open for Athena.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

David Gregory To Fill Imus' Boots?

Looks like my instincts were right (again). After several on-air auditions by celebrities from the world of sports and news - most accompanied by Charles McCord - it seems the 660 The Fan morning radio show left vacant by the firing of Don Imus is set to be filled by NBC White House Correspondent David Gregory.

David Gregory, who has been sitting in the morning spot the past few mornings, along with somebody named Leslie who calls herself The Radio Chick, brings a familiar voice to the old Imus show. Gregory also brings good "gets" (big name guests), such as Barack Obama and Tony Snow. Most importantly, though not radio-polished, Gregory sounded WAY more comfortable in the slot than did Dobbs or the McEnroe brothers.

The Mac brothers were interesting to listen to, but John needed to get over himself. I mean, yes, I want to drink beers with the guy some time, but I don't want to hear about it on the radio. Dobbs was disappointing because I don't mind him on TV - him and McCord together was like two straightmen with nobody to deliver the punchline. Boomer was promising, but not likely to bring the same political powerhouses to the show as I suspect Gregory to be able to do regularly.

My vote is for David Gregory and the Radio Chick (or was it the Radio Babe, or the Sports Babe - I forget - maybe she should just use her real name).

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Say It Ain't So, Mo, Part Two

A dedicated DJ Moves fan wrote in today:


I'm Steve in Louisville Ky & a regular listener to WLRS morning show with Mo starring Bryan Modzelewski. He hasn't been on the air for about a week & I checked out the stations web sit & he is not listed. Where did he go? I'm a big fan.


Your welcome, Steve (I think I like when people write to me as if they're calling into a radio show! First time, long time. Fucking NICE.)

Anyway, what did Mo do this time? Not sure yet, but here's what he did LAST time.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Opie... Anthony? Opie? Anybody Home?

Off the air, on the air.

Where do you go when you get kicked off satellite? What's next?

Pretty soon they'll have to broadcast on pirate radio from a remote unidentified island.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

JV and Elvis Have Left The Building

Still searching for Elvis?

Not the king, but the radio show guy in NYC.

The Dog House with JV and Elvis featuring Jeff Vandergrift and Dan Lay will no longer be broadcast according to CBS Radio spokeswoman Karen Mateo.

The pair were heard mid-mornings on 92.3 FREE-FM WFNY, formerly known as K-Rock.

They were fired for calling a Chinese restaurant and making fun of the way people talked. Very funny, you're fired.