Sunday, May 27, 2007

K-Rock. Free FM. K-Rock Again

Talk is dead and rock lives at one of America's original rock stations.

92.3 FM in New York City has dropped its 24-hour talk format and reverted back to it's rock and roll roots.

The station is also switching its call letters back from WFNY to WXRK, which it had used for many, many years before switching to all-talk and billing itself as FREE FM.

Still talking on the station, for now, are Opie & Anthony in the mornings. After that, it's back to rock and the less expensive daily DJs - the kind that are less costly than "radio personalities".

Getting fired in the switch are:
Nick Di Paolo
Radio Chick Leslie Gold (who sounded great with David Gregory in the Imus slot last week)
Ron and Fez
And, as previously reported, JV and Elvis and their house of dogs.

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