Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Very Pregnant, Very Fired

Lisa Marie, a concerned fan in Fresno writes to DJ Moves:

Athena Matsikas is missing from BigCountry 102.7 and fans want to know why. Help she was pregnant and due in just a couple of weeks.

I've been getting emails for several days about Athena Matsikas, and haven't seen anything (haven't looked that hard) until now. Here's what I found:

According to Rick Bentley writing for the Fresno Bee, Matsikas stated "All I can say is that the station has decided to go to a jockless format for the morning show."

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Anonymous said...

wow..I cant believe they did that to her. Who does that? Is that legal??

She was the only reason why I listened. Will the station go under?

Gary G said...

Fired a pregnant DJ? Her insurance? Dang, that's cold!