Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The I-Man Cometh

I'm not convinced that he's definitely coming back. In fact, in the world of denial-media, since nobody is saying that he's NOT coming back, I almost can't believe that he's really coming back.

However, let's face it. IMUS really is coming back.

I've listened to IMUS for years, and the man is not too bad at being self-effacing and apologetic when need be. Most importantly, he's a great salesman - he's been pitching products on the radio for nearly 40 years (yes, I said 40 - WikiPedia told me that Imus' first radio gig was in 1968!).

The rumors of the return of Imus began more than a month ago, when WFAN personalities Mike and the Mad Dog made comments that some people interpreted as Imus would return. I did not hear those comments, but I did hear the Fan in June of 2007 replay Imus moments from 9/11. Could it be that they were just testing the waters?

My prediction is that Imus will return at the end of the summer - after his usual time at the cattle ranch - but that the show will have to sacrifice producer Bernie McGuirk.

If it's ok with Al, then it's ok with me.

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