Sunday, September 30, 2007

Why all the interest in Julie Fisk?

With all the email I get about her, it's as if Julie Fisk was the most popular woman on the radio. Then why did she disappear from her popular morning show gig and start clacking for Jack-FM? As the kinks sang in Around the Dial, "it couldn't be the ratings, you had the best in town".

Latest word is that she is no longer even working on the soul-less Jack-FM. Amy G wrote...
She had been doing Jacktivities on Dallas' Jack-FM (100.3), but now there's some new girl. I was on the phone a couple weeks ago and heard her make some smart-ass comment about Julie and how the electroshock treatments are working... please tell me she's just on maternity leave! I have hated every show after she's left!

Thanks for the tip, Amy. I like the term "Jacktivities" and think I'll claim it as my own.