Monday, October 22, 2007

Melissa Foreman Back on Lite FM in Chicago

Or at least that's what my visitors tell me. Whoopi must be devoting all her time to her later-in-the-day day-job on the view.

Melissa verifies it herself on her personality page on the station's website:

This morning was our first day back on the air... Can't wait to wake up with you from
5:30- 8:30am and then take you home from 4-7p!!!

Eeegads! That is a long day with the double shift. Hopefully they find an afternoon drive replacement soon and Melissa can settle back into her morning gig.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

As promised, Imus returning. Maybe

I just read it on a blog called it hurts when I pee. So it must be true. The I-man cometh again for his come-backiest come back ever. At the age of 67, will this be his last come back? How well will he be accepted this time after such broad public outrage at his NHH comments.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Christmas Music Cleanses the Palate

A Pittsburgh radio station - which had only switched formats this past April - abruptly canceled its entire format again today and opted to play Christmas music.

Rumor has it that the station will unveil a completely new lineup this Friday, October 5th at 5 O'Clock.

It just doesn't make sense - doesn't sound like they planned it at all. Sounds more like CBS, the company that owns the station, got pissed off and just fired everybody without having a plan in place. Local DeeJays John Steigerwald, John McIntire and Scott Paulsen were all immediately fired. Several syndicated contracts, including deals with the satellite sisters Opie and Anthony, as well as comedian-turned-neo-con Dennis Miller, were all canceled.

Maybe I'm wrong... Maybe this is an ingenious move... abruptly firing everybody and playing Christmas music in October. Merry Christmas, You're Fired. Nice.

Is market research available that shows that if a radio station switches formats, it's best to play Christmas music non-stop for 3 days to cleanse the palates of the local market? Is that the secret to make the station's loyal fans forget about all of their favorite programming.

Sources: (don't click this link unless your pop-up blocker is turned on!)

Monday, October 01, 2007

Pigeon Flies After 20 Years

Jeff Pigeon hosted the morning show on WIBC Newsradio 1070 AM for almost 20 years, and spent 27 years at the same station overall.

I suspect that his instinct to get out "before listeners grew tired of him" was kind, but what's the real story? Does a man work for the same station - or any company - for that long and just decide to quit? Not retire, not move on to a bigger market or more powerful station, but just abruptly announce on Friday that Monday will be his last day?

Now you're left with Query and Terry, as the station claims to have no plans to replace the Pidge-meister.

The real story is probably closer to this (and I'm only speculating) - Corporate owners looked at the bottom line and decided to make a change. Don't be surprised to hear Jack-FM or some syndicated talking head come into Jeff's slot for half the money they were paying him.

Or maybe Jeff Pigeon just decided to leave after 27 years at the same place. Whatever happened, good luck Jeff!

Related and unrelated links:
Jeff Pigeon's morning show producer Dan has some cool stuff on his blog on the stations website, including Jeff's first aircheck and other various nostalgia. Check it out here.

Here's a link to the Blog of Jeff Pidgeon. It's a different Jeff Pigeon than the now-former radio host from Indy. This Jeff spells "Pigeon" wrong differently and lives in California. After reading several posts, including what Jeff Pidgeon did over the weekend, I got to bored to keep reading and trying to figure out what the blog is all about. That's the thing about blogs, I guess.