Monday, October 22, 2007

Melissa Foreman Back on Lite FM in Chicago

Or at least that's what my visitors tell me. Whoopi must be devoting all her time to her later-in-the-day day-job on the view.

Melissa verifies it herself on her personality page on the station's website:

This morning was our first day back on the air... Can't wait to wake up with you from
5:30- 8:30am and then take you home from 4-7p!!!

Eeegads! That is a long day with the double shift. Hopefully they find an afternoon drive replacement soon and Melissa can settle back into her morning gig.

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Anonymous said...

Thank God someone woke up. While WHoopie is an excellent actress she did nothing positive for the morning show. Without the trio Melissa, Jim and Rick the show had little to offer so I switched after many years. Now that the trio is back so am I . I enjoy listening to you guys difference of opipnion, hollywood gossip and comments along with the music. Pease do not slip up again.. Lynda Norton Hanover Park