Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Glad She Is Gone

GSI Gone just sent me the following note about Olivia Fox and Steve Harvey. Old news, but hey - we don't all listen 24/7!

I tried to listen to the Olivia Fox show but it was absolutely annoying. All Olivia did was talk about FOOD and she should have just joined Jenny Craig. Her little immature girls that she had working with her were out dated and annoying as well with the HATED IT!!! I hated it… And Mike with the BOOOOO, I just wanted to jack slap him. None of them were funny I am so Happy she is GONE and if you all miss her you could probably find her at the closest BUFFET. I would just change to 98.7 and listen to them until she was off the air.

As far as Steve Harvey is concerned, he is a bit annoying as well but he is a bit funnier than Olivia ever was.And I can stomach him much better.


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