Thursday, January 10, 2008

KY Slips Away

Back to Rockville, the music blog of the Kansas City Star, reports today that KY is no longer.

All staff allegedly fired, and format allegedly flipped. And, as usual, no notice given to you - the fans who tuned in this morning expecting to hear familiar voices live on the air. It probably makes you feel worse that there was also no notice given to the radio personalities, AKA, the people who publicly lost their jobs.

Sorry, I'm just the messenger. As usual, the offending radio station and its website are silent on the subject. A check of 99.7 KY's site,, at the time of this posting showed all the regular DJs listed as if nothing was happening.

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Jim Knippenberg said...

I will never forgive entercon for SCREWING us out of the best damn radio station in Kansas City. From now on, I'm boycotting their stations. It wasn't just the music, either. They had some of the best radio personalities on the air. I can replace the music with itunes, but from now on, no entercon stations will EVER play in my car.