Thursday, February 07, 2008

Paul Boom Boom

I use to listen to 947 wmas in Springfield and one day I notice that their morning man and PD was no longer there

no word as to why a even a hint that he was going

now a younger boring man on the scene

any idea where Paul Boom Boom cannon might be?

I would like to find what station so I can start listening to him again. I no longer listen to wmas in the morning - no reason to - new show too boring.


Springfield ma

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ben Harvey Moves to TV

Being forced from one of the coolest radio jobs ever due to a format flip two years ago didn't keep former K-Rock DJ Ben Harvey down. In fact, with all the radio shows he's been appearing on lately, and all his other gigs - it's hard not to hear or see him!

If you're looking to reconnect with your favorite evening New York voice, check out Ben's Ben and Dave show Podcast on his website -

Or if you're looking for the latest rantings and news of New York DJs that you can't find here, then visit Ben's Blog at

On top of all that, Ben's doing regular entertainment reporting and hosting a talk show at here! Networks ( For those of you who have been living in the 1950's, here! is a gay subscription, or on-demand, television network on cable.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Feeling Nostalgic, So Let's Rock

It went on for several weeks, maybe even a few months, way back in 2005. I couldn't get this damn song out of my head. This was especially strange because I hadn't actually heard it in several years! I remember my orange cassette tape - always easy to find among my collection of mostly black and white plastic - But do I even have a cassette player today?

Today, about three years later, I realized that I could probably find it on YouTube and share it with you folks. Maybe you've never heard "Around the Dial" from one of the greatest albums of all time, Give The People What they Want. Listen to the words in this classic Kinks song and perhaps you'll relate to the confusion, angst or whatever it is that YOU experienced that day when you turned on your radio and your DJ was no longer there. It all goes back to why I started this site.

Two DJs in PA

I don't normally comment on Internet radio, but when a couple of DJs who competed for morning listeners for more than a dozen years get together, it could get interesting.

Ken Matthews spent 15 years at B104 in Allentown, PA, where he was the morning host until his plug was prematurely pulled back in '06. (Damn, I can't believe DJMoves has been around that long!)

Gary Smith spent 17 years at WSBG in STROUDSBURG, PA, where he was the morning host.

If you're like me, you learned everything you know about Allentown from Billy Joel but have never been there. So, I checked Google Maps (see below) and it is only about 40 miles from Stroudsburg (which I never heard of because Billy never sang about it).

Now, I hear (from Ken Matthews) that Ken Matthews will be a guest on Gary Smith's morning-Internet-radio show, online at this Monday, 2/4 at 8:00 AM EST.

Could it be interesting? Tune in Monday morning to find out. You can also visit the Ken Matthews website for more on the visiting DJ (nice site, BTW, and Ken has a whole host of media services available, including public speaking).

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