Thursday, February 07, 2008

Paul Boom Boom

I use to listen to 947 wmas in Springfield and one day I notice that their morning man and PD was no longer there

no word as to why a even a hint that he was going

now a younger boring man on the scene

any idea where Paul Boom Boom cannon might be?

I would like to find what station so I can start listening to him again. I no longer listen to wmas in the morning - no reason to - new show too boring.


Springfield ma


Anonymous said...

Paul was fired because corporate America deciced not to renew his contract. Word has it that he is selling windows now.

boomboom said...

this is so stupid, a good dj goes and they keep crappy staff like dina, the show has been steadly going down since she join the morning show. it to bad i really like paul gues i will just have to rty and find some other stationi am refusing to listen any time to 947.

Anonymous said...

Paul "Boom" Cannon is out of radio working for THE SCHWAN FOOD COMPANY. The way radio is today, can you blame him? As for the new Guy he's really not bad if you give him a chance. Most people hate change, but I can tell you the new show is giving Bax and O'Brien at Rock 102 a run according to the last ratings! So, WMAS must be doing something right.