Monday, September 29, 2008

Footy off the air again in Miami

Southeast Florida DJ Footy, who hosted News Radio 610 WIOD from 9 to noon daily for the past year or so after being canned by Y 100.7, is now available again.

Miami-area radio fans reported to me this morning that The Footy Show was replaced with piped in dribble from Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck's website lists him as being on 610 am already on weekday evenings from 9 to 11 pm, and on Sunday nights from 7 to 10. Those slots must have gone so well that the station simply decided to also carry him live in the mornings.

If anybody finds out more about what happened to Footy, please post it here.


GRINGO said...

Hi from Fort Lauderdale. I was shocked Monday morning when Footy wasn't "on-air" so I calle the radio station and left a message for the program director. I have yet to receive a return call. I called again today, but this time to the on-the-air-call-in number and the guy that answered simply said he was no longer with the company. I am considering driving out to Footy's house to ask him in person. is my email address.

Anonymous said...

Gringo, man, while I appreciate your passion, I've got to admit that sounds a little creepy.

Let's give six degrees of separation a chance to kick in first and see if anybody posts any more details here.

Anonymous said...

we love you footy and miss laughing as well. we hope all is well and hope to hear your fun comments once again on radio.

from your faithful listeners,

Anonymous said...

You can take that Program Director from WIOD,you know, that Living....Breathing... Walking...Talking....RECTUM and bounce him for getting rid of Footy. What a pleasant morning it used to be. No more. Just another Conservative Clown on the air.
Regards all,
Kornball from Delray Beach

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to hear that 610 was putting Glenn Beck back on the air in the morning.The world was exploding all around us and Footy was setting people up on blind dates .... it was a joke and the worst program ever. Congrats to the program director for making the change.