Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fresno Alert: Athena and Charlee ON the Air Tomorrow

Hey Athena Matsikas and Charlee Simons fans! Athena and Charlee are reuniting tomorrow (Thursday) on the air... Actually, on the Interwebs... on Charlee Simons' daily internet talk show at 10 AM on

How does DJ Moves know this? Because Charlee Simons told us all - here, and he even sent me this nice picture of himself.

Now go log into his show and support your friend Athena, because she's....

Athena (Horn section blaring in the background)

All I ever want to do is please her
My life has been so settled
And she's the reason
Just one word from her
And my troubles are long gone
But I think I'll get along
She's just a girl

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