Friday, October 03, 2008

Delightful Radio

Maybe I'm not the right demographic, but I was embarrassed to learn about Delilah while listening to NPR yesterday. Embarrassed because NPR told me she gets 25 MILLION listeners each night and I never even heard of her!

Are you like me? I mean, basically, are you a guy? Then you'll be further surprised to learn the show is essentially a live, more personable version of kasey kasem's long distance dedication segment.

In fact, NPR reported that Delilah personally speaks to hundreds of callers each night - OFF the air! Pretty impressive in any industry, let alone one where somebody has to use their voice and talk for hours each night ON the air.

See more pictures like this and learn more about Delilah at her site, here. Oh, by the way, I'm writing about her because after the publicity she received on NPR, her growing audience and syndication business model will probably result in many of your favorite local DJ's being replaced by Delilah. I just don't want you to get caught off guard.

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mel said...

Delilah has been in the Honolulu and Hawaii market now for about 4 to 5 years now. Stations have her on from about 7 to 11 in the night. I don't know if she is "live" in Hawaii since a lot of syndicated stuff is recorded for broadcast later.