Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fat Kid Rocks the Snow

It's been over two years since we reported that Fat Kid moved from a walk on roll in Atlanta to his own evening gig at 96.5, The Mountain, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Well, it looks like the warm weather started getting to Fat Kid (F.K.). Or maybe it was the fact that The Mountain switched formats from Alternative Rock to Top 40 and brought in a bunch of syndicated shows from other states, dispensing of the local talent. FK held on as long as could be expected, playing 90's tunes til the station brass couldn't take it anymore.

Lucky for FK, one of the last true rock stations in the country had an opening for him. A station with hot chicks (here) and calendar girl contests (here). Sure, he would have to move from a southern state to one with only about 3 weeks of summer. A land with a thousand lakes on which to ice fish. But rock is not about weather.

Anyway, you can now hear Fat Kid on 95.7 the Blaze in the Mankato Minnesota area, or see him on the YouTube video below.

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