Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jim Dai Dumped

When I received a bunch of emails yesterday asking thinks like "What happened to Jim Dai and the entire "good" radio personalities at KWJZ 98.9 Seattle??", I knew something was up.

Jim Dai, who we told you three years ago moved from AM to the FM dial after being fired from 880 AM (KIXI), seems to have been cut loose from another Seattle station this month.

Radio-Info reports simply that Jim Dai is out of mornings, replaced by the station's program director Carol Handley.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Radio Host Busted

If you give investment advice on the radio, try not to get busted for identity theft and bank fraud. It might hurt your credibility. I'm just saying.

Full story in the Dallas news courtesy of Larry Shannon's

Dallas CNN 1190 host Clifford Robertson charged with ID theft, bank fraud

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The iPod-Man

Cool news announced today about the iPod. FM is here. What's next for Apple? An iPod that plays CDs?

Seriously, this is a good development. I almost brought my iPod with me this morning, but decided it would be nice to have the option to listen to something live or on the air such as talk radio instead of my own pre-loaded songs. So I didn't bother.

And the new iPod's live pause feature is nice now that I'm sooo used to pausing TV with my DVR, I am always trying to pause and rewind my car radio. Probably available with satellite, but I don't want satellite.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Back on Top @Alltop

We were pretty excited about a year ago when Guy Kawasaki's Alltop featured DJMoves as the pole position news feed in their new radio category. We even helped by suggesting other news and information sources.

Unfortunately, when we took a hiatus here and there, Alltop was smart enough to notice, and our feed was automatically removed from their site.

I thought we were banished, but it seems it was just an automatic fail safe mechanism to keep the news on Alltop fresh at all times. That's one more reason Alltop kicks ass.

And now we're back. We welcome all our friends who found us through Alltop, and if you never heard of it, check it out - Alltop will quickly become your new favorite news provider.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Melissa Foreman Fired

We have received many, many emails similar to this one over the past few days:

Wendy wrote us and said, "Where's melissa foreman for Chicago 93.9 the lite?"

Regina emailed us with the simple question: "What has the LITE done with Melissa?"

And faithful fans such as our friend Faith wrote notes like this: "Suddenly Melissa Foreman is missing from WLIT in Chicago, again! I have emailed the radio station a few times and they do not answer me. Does anyone know what happened and where Melissa Foreman is now?

Oh ye of little faith, the answer is out there. While Melissa seems to have many faithful and vocal supporters, it looks like it was all about the ratings. Check out this post from Phil Rosenthal's Tower Ticker in the Chicago Tribune: Melissa Forman out at WLIT-FM -- again for the whole scoop.

As Phil states, Melissa has been on and off the station a couple of times. In fact, we blogged about her waaaaay back in 2006 when she was replaced by a syndicated Whoopi Goldberg in the mornings.

Where is she now? No word yet, and the blog we once linked to is now dead. What we do know is who replaced Melissa this time. Mary Ellen Podmolik, again from the Chicago Tribune, reports that you can now enjoy Valentine's Day all year long at 93.9 with "Valentine in the Morning" featuring, um, Valentine, a team that includes a former Mancow sidekick. Sounds wacky.