Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Melissa Foreman Fired

We have received many, many emails similar to this one over the past few days:

Wendy wrote us and said, "Where's melissa foreman for Chicago 93.9 the lite?"

Regina emailed us with the simple question: "What has the LITE done with Melissa?"

And faithful fans such as our friend Faith wrote notes like this: "Suddenly Melissa Foreman is missing from WLIT in Chicago, again! I have emailed the radio station a few times and they do not answer me. Does anyone know what happened and where Melissa Foreman is now?

Oh ye of little faith, the answer is out there. While Melissa seems to have many faithful and vocal supporters, it looks like it was all about the ratings. Check out this post from Phil Rosenthal's Tower Ticker in the Chicago Tribune: Melissa Forman out at WLIT-FM -- again for the whole scoop.

As Phil states, Melissa has been on and off the station a couple of times. In fact, we blogged about her waaaaay back in 2006 when she was replaced by a syndicated Whoopi Goldberg in the mornings.

Where is she now? No word yet, and the blog we once linked to is now dead. What we do know is who replaced Melissa this time. Mary Ellen Podmolik, again from the Chicago Tribune, reports that you can now enjoy Valentine's Day all year long at 93.9 with "Valentine in the Morning" featuring, um, Valentine, a team that includes a former Mancow sidekick. Sounds wacky.

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Anonymous said...

stupid move on the litfm's part. I no longer listen to your station!!!Melissa WAS the morning show! Wonder how many listeners you lost.