Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Turn on the Light

and change the station if you want to hear Coast to Coast again in the NY area.

Sure, many of his New York fans probably thought host George Noory was abducted by aliens, or taken away to a secret location by real life men in black trying to stop him from spreading the truth. But he was really just dropped from 770 AM WABC in New York (while his show was still syndicated in other parts of the country).

One radio show's gain is anothers loss

Noory's Coast to Coast show was quickly scooped up by rival NY station WOR (heard at 710 AM on the dial), but that means WOR had to fire long-time overnight host Joey Reynolds.

Now what will Joey Reynolds do?

Read more by David Hinkley's article in the NY Daily News and tell us what you think below!

By the way, "Turn on the Light" has a double meaning here. has been sort of "lights out" for a few months as there were basically so many radio firings attributed to the economy that it was just sad. No big announcement here about "being back" because we're just going to take it one day at a time, like AA, only with a beer instead of a cup of coffee.

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