Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WTIC Continues to Test Talent

A big talk radio station in Connecticut, 1080 AM WTIC, is continuing to allow local talent - people that could easily carry a show on a permanent basis - fill in for Jim Vicevich.

First, they let people like Joe D'Ambrosio, Mark Davis and Sebastian fill in while they renegotiated Vicevich's contract. It looked like they would continue down that road until they chose a successor or until they renegotiated with Vicevich. The latter happened first.

And now that Vicevich is back full time, it's surprising to see them let someone of John Rowland's notoriety fill in for him for a few days. What if the people of the state that voted him and his right-hand woman in to the Governor's office for 15 years like him better than Jim?

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