Thursday, February 28, 2019

Buy This Domain: DJMOVES.COM

Contact DJMOVES via email if you'd like to buy this domain, and be prepared to make a generous offer 😉

Email us here: requests (at sign)

What you get: 
  • Transfer and full ownership of THIS awesome domain -  
  • An SEO-friendly 14 year old single-owner domain with only 7 characters.
  • Takeover our short underutilized Twitter handle @djmoves 
  • Takeover of our 2600 member LinkedIn group (mostly radio people and DJs, joining weekly) 

What we get: 
  • Big bucks
  • The satisfaction that the domain name we have owned since 2005 is in good hands.

See? You win! All you need to do is make an offer so we can begin talking.